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Frequently Asked 

Do you set up and pick up?

Yes! We come to you and set up everything, then pick up! For overnight packages, pick up is at 11am. 

What about rain or inclement weather?

The tents are waterproof and can be set up and used even if it is raining. We will only set up if it is light rain, not storming. If it is forecasted for storms and high winds, then we can reschedule your event.

What about Covid?

Our Glamp Night staff is fully vaccinated and take every precaution when setting up and taking down tents. All soft surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, as well as hard surfaces for your safety. We aren't currently providing sleeping pillows for sanitary reasons (you can bring your own), but we provide a fitted sheet, decorative pillows, and a throw blanket on our beds.

What about bathrooms or showers?

Since most of our rentals are in the guest's backyards, we suggest that glampers go inside their home to use their inside bathrooms and showers.

What if it's too hot - or too cold?

We have cooling unit option and a heating unit option that make your Glamp Night experience super comfortable!

Do you service my area?

Our service area is 35 miles from 75023, but we will go to most areas outside of that radius for an additional trip fee. We also travel to other locations, just contact us with any questions.

What about bugs?

We suggest that you use bug spray in areas where bugs are pesky (just don't spray it while inside the tent!) In addition, we have a Bug Non-Zapper option that  you can add on. It's put outside of the tent to help keep the pests away!

Do you do weddings and events?

Yes! We do many weddings, and events of all kinds, even corporate events. If you are planning an upcoming event, just contact our team with any questions.

How much space do I need?

For our 5M bell tents, you will need at least a 20-25 sq ft outside area for us to set up the tent. The tent itself is 16.5 wide, but we need additional space in order to secure the ropes.

Do I need a level area or can it be on a hill?

Our tents need to be set up on a flat level area that is free of rocks and other debris. If you have a very slight incline, we can usually work around it. If you have a hill or steep incline area, the tent will not be level and it won't be comfortable to glamp in. If you have a question if your yard would work, just contact us with a photo or video of the area and we can let you know. 

Do you set up in parks or at other venues?

Sure! We can deliver and set up glamping tents at many different locations. Just contact us with what you have in mind and we can help. 

Is there any way I can do this inside?

99% of our glamping bell tents are done outside, but if you have a large enough space with a high enough ceiling, we can also use a sand bag option to secure the tent and do it indoors. Contact us for details.

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